Q: How do I advertise on Valley Trading Post?
A: To advertise now, you can fill in the form at this link.

Q: How do I place a free post on your blog?
A: Free posts are reserved for

  1. Advertisers (once you’re an advertiser on our site, you can place as many free posts as you like).
  2. Charity events, fund raising functions or other evens of community interest.
    Please email barbara@valleytrading.co.zo, to confirm if you qualify for a free post.

Q: How do I put up a free post on Valley Trading Post?
A: You can fill in the Put up a post form at this link and select the option ‘current advertisers on VTP (free)’.

Q: How much does advertising cost?
A: for 6-months R 299.00  |  for 12-months R 499.00  |  once-off post R 55.00
That’s under R42 per month (over a 12-month slot) when you break it down.

Q: What about Facebook presence?
A: We also have special advertising on our Valley Trade & Swop Facebook group which allows 3 posts per week using an ad that we supply for you to post. Price is R100 per month and is on an opt-in, opt-out basis. This is a stand-alone option.

Q: How may readers does your weekly newsletter reach?
A: We reach just under 1000 readers and the subscription is growing. Readers can self subscribe on our website.

Q: How often does your newsletter go out?
A: Thursdays are usually newsletter days so get your posts in by Wednesdy to ensure they go out on time to our readers.