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New Insights Africa (Life Coach Training)

New Insights specialises in training people who are passionate about people to become quality life coaches. We have operations in both South Africa and the UK and are proud to be associated with thousands of wonderful people who have taken our course. New Insights trained and certified coaches can be found, making a difference to the lives of others, all over the world.

New Insights offers a comprehensive training programme that is convenient, affordable and highly effective. Included with the cost of the course is a perpetual license to use the tried and trusted thirteen session New Insights life coaching system™.

Training comprises both theory and practical elements and all coaching is conducted in accordance with a code of ethics.

A major benefit of the New Insights approach is the ability to study the skills training material in one’s own time and at one’s own pace from home with excellent support and backup. Trainees are also supplied with substantial material to support them in opening their own life coaching practices once certified.

New Insights trainees are given up to two years to complete our certification requirements, although most do this within nine to fifteen months of first registering.

New Insights – bringing Freedom, Confidence and Growth to people from all walks of life!

New Insights Life Coach Training has been developed locally and is available nationally as a Home Study Programme with online support.
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